Marina Square

Raffles Boulevard, Singapore, Central Singapore 03, Singapore, Singapore

Sub Listings

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Top 3 Features

  • Premium Location and Building
  • Newly Renovated with Meeting Rooms and Phone Booths
  • Near to plenty of Residential, F&B, and Retail Options

About Coworking at Marina Square

Coworking in Marina Square is a branch of the largest coworking space provider in Singapore, and is ready to impress you with it being the first coworking space in a shopping mall located within Marina Bay. Able to house more than a thousand of its members, Marina Square branch is one of their largest and most spacious coworking spaces, and is already yet another success story for this prestigious company.

Being in the prime real estate parcel of Marina Square, this coworking space boasts a stunningly wide amount of options when it comes to F&B, finance, entertainment and housing nearby. Frequently, this particular coworking space hosts a marketplace where coworkers and partners get complimentary booths to showcase their products and network with other companies.

  1.  Wi-Fi
  2.  Phone
  3.  Phone Booth
  4.  Print, Scan Or Copy
  5.  Wired Internet
  6.  Drinks For Sale
  7.  Premium Building
  8.  Pantry
  9.  Reception
  10.  Waiting Area
  11.  Locker
Opening Times

7:30am – 6:30pm on Weekdays

7:30am – 1:00pm on Weekends

24-7 access can be available to users


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