Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does "Co-working mean?

Coworking, also known as shared office workspaces and coworking spaces, is a form of workspace that eschews traditional office cubicles in favour of open, shared with others workspaces. To set them apart from other alternatives, they often have amenities such as coffee machines, recreation rooms, and creative settings.

How do I know if coworking is the right fit for my company?

Coworking isn’t for every company, and that’s okay. But if the thought of a unique, exploratory workspace appeals to you, you’d be making a good move to at least try it out. In fact, many coworking spaces offer introductory prices for you to get your feet wet and determine if coworking is indeed the right fit for you.


Are co-working spaces expensive?

The cost of each space can vary widely, depending on location, facilities and even furnishing. Expect a plush, well designed space in the CBD to cost alot more than a simple one in an industrial area. However, one thing is for sure. Coworking spaces are popular because they offer great value; for the same price you will get access to a close knit community, much better furnishing and shared facilities.


Why would I choose a coworking space over a conventional office space?

There are many possible reasons you could choose to have a shared office workplace.

Maybe you (and your team) are a creative company, and prefer to let your creativity bloom in a space that matches your work. Or perhaps you’re a small startup, and are looking for ways to slash costs, without reducing quality. Or maybe even..you just want to try something different.


What criteria should I have when picking a co-working space?

Price should definitely be a factor in your search. But besides price, you should definitely take into consideration the location, amenities available, and the number of people a coworking space can comfortably host. Secondary considerations may include whether it is hotdesking, fixed workspaces, or an office. Each coworking space can also have a different vibe and culture, so make sure you view each space before choosing one!


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